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Top 10 Tips To Help You Dress Shopping

Top 10 Tips To Help You Dress Shopping

12 August


We all know how hard it is to shop for dresses and shoes. Imagine all the stress when we will be getting while shopping for our own wedding dress, with all the unlimitless option out there, the stress level must be high. But don’t worry, we are here to help, and we’ve gathered 10 best tips to help you say YES to the dress based on all our experience in this industry.


Be Prepared
Before start you actually walk in to a store, check online to see what’s trending, what’s new and what are the options you have. Take consideration on the seasons(winter or summer), venue(indoor church or outdoor beach) and time(warm afternoon or breezy night), these criteria will help you picking the dress. Browse our Pinterest and Instagram to have some ideas of styles and fabrics. Then gathered a few dresses you like and show it to the consultant, so they can get an idea of what you like


Start early & make appointments
A dress need at least 4 - 6 months to make and don’t forget about finding it, fitting and alteration need time as well. Altogether we suggest to start shopping at least 8 months before the wedding. Not all dress design and size will keep in store, so do call to check if the dresses you would like to try is in the store. Highly suggest to go on weekdays as there will be lesser customers and it give yourself halfaday to your very first appointment so you will have enough time to try on dresses.


Wear / bring your accessories
Go with all the accessories such as shoes, veils, nude underwear and spandex if you plan to wear it, is easier to visualise how the overall look will be. With the similar height heels, we can easily tell how the hem line should be. And by wearing the right undergarments, the neon magenta bra or leopard print undies will not be the attention of the day.


Keep the party small
Less is more. Smaller party lesser dramas. Bring no more than 3 person whose opinion matter most to you. We know your mother, sisters, cousins, MOH and bridesmaids all would love to join the fun, but having 10 - 15 different opinions will make it even harder to decide on which dress to say yes to. While we are on this topic, make sure the person you are bringing have a little bit of photography knowledge, else no matter how beautiful the gown is, with the wrong skills, the gowns will turn out “meh” when you review it later on your photos.


Keep an open mind
If you not sure about certain style, don’t hesitate to ask the consultant. Wedding dress are usually made from lots of different fabrics such as tulle, taffeta, and organza, that will weight the dress down. Try on gowns that you never imagine wearing it, who knows, it might be that perfect dress for you.


Budget and numbers
Make sure you have a budget before marching in with your besites. And don’t forget about budget for other accessories such as shoes, veils, jewelry, alteration fees or delivery fees as well. To be safe, only try dresses that fall within your price range, so that it won’t lead to disappointment and heartbreaking dilemma.


Move with style
If you plan to dance with it, walk around and take a swirl to see if you can move your hips with it. And if is a long sleeve wedding dress, make sure you can still raise a bit of your arm while wearing it, you would not want to look like a robot or couldn’t hug anybody the whole day.


Read The Fine Prints
Read the fine prints on any contract before you confirm on anything and make sure all the details are correct. From colour, style number, and size to price, deposit, collection date, alteration fees and cancellation policy to avoid any future dispute.


Dress for yourself
Firstly, don’t set an impossible to reach weight loss plan. Sure we all hope to loss that 5kgs, but don’t let it set you behind. Secondly, don’t let anyone talk you into getting dress that you don’t like it. Sure it might be pleasing maybe your mother or future mother in law, but then if you are not happy with it, why bother getting it at the first place? 


It’s a wedding dress
Yes, it is just a dress and yes, we know how important a wedding dress mean to all of us. But no matter what you are wearing, the $4,000 dream designer dress or the LWD that you wore to your first date, you can still exchange vows. You are marrying the love of your life, don’t let a dress beat you down easily.


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