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Our favourite 2016 Wedding Trend

Our favourite 2016 Wedding Trend

9 February

If you are getting married in 2016, most probably you have already started on your plans, or at least have an idea on what you really want. From chic jumpsuits to over the top ariel / drone photography, there are lots of new trends popping up along the way. Here are our favourites pick for 2016's wedding trends.


Wedding Trends 2016: Metallic  

Metallic is everywhere
Rose gold, silver and copper are rustic colours that are surprisingly versatile. They match well with any colours, and fits perfectly with almost any bridal elements you can imagine. Rose gold wedding bands, metallic sequin dresses, foil stationery suite, and gold champagne cocktails, you name it.


Wedding Trends 2016: Unplugged 

Unplugged wedding is rising
It is not rude to ask your guests to switch off their phones during the ceremony. You wouldn't want your guests to concentrate on their screens throughout the procession or maybe stand in your photographer’s way. Leave the heavy work to the professionals. Give them the space to capture your perfect and most important memory without an uncle in the background with his new iPad as his face.


Wedding Trends 2016: Ombre 
Ombre is here to stay
In 2015, ombre themed weddings were everywhere and it is still not going anywhere soon. Trending brides today are getting their colours back. White wedding dresses may be beautiful but ombre ones can be gorgeous as well. There are more ways to incorporate when you play with colors. Think cakes, macaroons, typography, flower petals, manicure, etc. A little dash of ombre goes a long way.


Wedding Trends 2016: Pop Colours 
Let the colour speak!
Bold, vibrant and pop colours are not just for kids anymore, we adults are also capable of rocking it. Rocking colours doesn’t mean it’s only for big stuff like mix-match table decors, colourful seasonal flowers or vibrant bridesmaid dresses. It could be as small as groom’s socks or even the little details on your favourite earrings. Couples will be bolder in their use of vibrant colors. Let the inner kid in you join in and enjoy.


Wedding Trends 2016: Floral Decoration 

Where the wild things are
Mother nature bestowed us with such a wonderful landscape for us, and we should appreciate it. This year you can expect to see more weddings with dramatic and creative botanical decorations. Wow-factor aisle for exchanging vows, sculptural suspended arrangements backdrops, rustic and effortlessness floral decors, and non-floral centrepiece are on high-demand. Industrial materials like cement, wood, and cork are gonna be use in more rustic and outdoor weddings.


Wedding Trends 2016: Comfort Food 

Instaworty food
A good scroll through Instagram will tell you that wedding foods are filled with endless creativity. Meals are no longer made for your stomach, but for your eyes as well. Traditional food like formal banquet serving of chicken and fish are the things of the past. More non-traditional desserts, like crepe cakes, pies and macaron cake are popping up at almost everyone’s weddings today. With the whole food-truck trend and wide selection of comfort food, couples are sharing what they love with their guests. Expect to have more interactive caterings and epic food experiences during a new age wedding reception.


Wedding Trends 2016: Non-Traditional Gowns


Non-traditional wedding outfits
Who said you are only allowed to wear white fairy-tale princess gowns during the big day? Off-white neutrals are a big hit on the spring bridal runways. This goes to Vera Wang’s daring black gowns. Everyone is trying to be unique. Just wear anything to show off yourself. Think chic jumpsuits, floral prints, short over-the-knee dresses, stylish separates. Afterall, it’s your big day, who’s gonna argue with that?


Wedding Trends 2016: Gowns


First, let’s get naked, but not too naked. Brides are looking for more sexier and riskier dresses to show off their bodies. Dresses with plunging necklines, see-through sheer lace or sexy illusion back options are a big-hit on the runway. Sexy-back is one but this year, designers are paying homage to the traditional princess gowns. With more details like 3D flower embellishment, airy sheer and big detachable over-skirts, shoulder cape like veil, ballerina inspired feathers skirts.


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